A Spectrum of Applications

The First Safe Color for Consumer Products

Eliminating Toxic Pigments and Dyes

Cypris' coating design creates color without the use of pigments or dyes and broadens the range of the color gamut. From cosmetics to electronics to packaging, Cypris provides high-chroma coatings that are both striking and safe.


Adding Light To See the World

Visibility - Sight - Safety

The majority of autonomous driving vehicles (ADVs) rely on Light Detection And Ranging (LiDAR) to see the world around them. Unfortunately, while there are many benefits of using LiDAR systems to guide and inform ADVs, there is an inherent physical limitation in LiDAR’s ability to see black or dark colored objects which have low (<10%) reflectivity of the leading relied upon 905 nm wavelength laser radiation. Our coating can improve the sight, visibility, and therefore safety of the world around it by imparting 905nm reflectivity to the world around us.

Image by Adrian Schwarz
Image by Breno Assis

Improving Efficiency

Cool Coatings for Building Envelopes

Cypris Materials' coatings can be tuned to reflect near-infrared light (700nm - 1400nm), opening up the opportunity to apply nearly colorless and transparent IR-reflective coatings to the built environment. These coatings have been demonstrated to improve the energy-efficiency of windows, as well as to create heat-reflective roofing shingles that maintain their aesthetic appearance. This can dramatically reduce cooling loads in warm climates, saving energy and lowering electricity bills.

Image by Tim Arterbury

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