A New Color Paradigm

The Possibilities Are Endless

Cypris' Competitive Edge: Cypris Materials' coating platform helps provide industry-leading companies with the ability to redefine their use of color. Cypris' platform uses a patented process to generate a palette of colors that the competition does not have access to.

Our Colors are Sustainable and Environmentally Friendly: Cypris' color is eco-friendly and produced with sustainability in mind. The social, environmental, and health impacts that have long been associated with the pigment and dye industry are eliminated with Cypris Materials' structural color coatings.

The Tech: Our platform, backed by 11 patents, enables a wide range of possibilities from the production of paintable nano-structured coatings from synthetic polymers, employing solution deposited brush block copolymers capable of rapid self-assembly, achieving highly reflective structures in minutes under ambient conditions. The versatility of Cypris Materials' coating platform allows our team to tailor structural color solutions to address unique customer needs.


Unsurpassed Color

Achieving Color Without Classical Colorants

Two Materials Replace 1000s of Pigments and Dyes

Cypris Materials' product replaces the 1000s of pigments and dyes needed to achieve a broad color gamut with two white powders.

Cypris Materials, Inc. vision is to change how humans interact with color. Our team has developed a unique approach to achieving nature's robust and vibrant color called "structural color". Unlike the pigments and dyes that surround us, structural color relies on nano-structured materials which can selectively reflect light. In this video Cypris' self-assembling polymers are blended and achieve all the colors of the rainbow.


Spray Gun - Aerosol Can - Paint Brush

Cypris Materials' structural color can be applied like traditional paint with spray guns, aerosol cans, printers, or paint brushes, and, it's fun to watch dry.



Unparalleled Color

Coatings and colorants are limited due to aesthetics, application, expense, range, and toxicity. Cypris offers a versatile platform that shifts the paradigm of how color can be used.

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