A New Color Paradigm

The Possibilities Are Endless

Cypris' Proprietary Palette: Cypris Materials' coating platform provides industry-leading companies with the ability to differentiate their products through new colors. Cypris' platform uses a patented process to generate a palette of colors that is simply unachievable with conventional color.

Simplified, Environmentally Friendly Color: Cypris' color is eco-friendly and produced with sustainability in mind. The social, environmental, and health impacts that have long been associated with the colorant industry are eliminated with Cypris Materials' structural color coatings by simply removing the need for a colorant. 

The Market(s): Our team is developing our structural color for areas where eye catching colors, and a premium product finish is a must. We are innovating in applications including industrial inkjet printing, cosmetics (nail polish), consumer electronics, packaging, and automotive. 


The Tech: Our platform, backed by 11 patents, enables a wide range of possibilities from the production of paintable nano-structured coatings from synthetic polymers, employing solution deposited brush block copolymers capable of rapid self-assembly, achieving highly reflective structures in minutes under ambient conditions. 


Achieving Color Without Classical Colorants

Two Materials Replace Thousands of Pigments and Dyes

Our vision is to enable structural color as a powerful means for designers and product developers to differentiate their products. Cypris Materials' product replaces the thousands of pigments and dyes needed to achieve a broad color gamut with two materials. 


In the world of printing, the color gamut is typically based on CMYK (cyan, magenta, yellow, and key or black) and can achieve roughly 30% of what the eye can see. Your computer screen uses an RGB gamut (red, green, blue) and can access roughly 70% of what the eye can see – a 133% increase. Cypris Materials has developed the first color platform that uses additive color mixing, the same physics behind RGB, to achieve beautiful, durable, and vivid high chroma colors that make your products pop. The Cypris Materials platform and family of patents is the only way to produce color with these qualities. 

Capturing Nature's Color

Spray Gun - Aerosol Can - Paint Brush - Print Head

Cypris Materials' structural color is easily translated to spray guns, aerosol cans, printers, or paint brushes, and, it's fun to watch dry.

Simplified, Safe Formulations

Eliminating Toxic Pigments and Dyes

Cypris' coating design creates color without the use of pigments or dyes and broadens the available color palette. From cosmetics to electronics to packaging, Cypris provides high-chroma coatings that are both striking and safe.


Product Testing

Tested in the Real World

We collaborate with customers to ensure our coatings provide the durability and weather-ability required for industrial and consumer applications. Cypris specializes in accelerated weathering testing - including adhesion, hardness, water/humidity resistance, and UV durability. Reach out to see if our color meets your needs.